Last hurrah for Marais and Bergstrom at Quattro ROAG Series

On 13 September 2017 by admin

Written By: Tim Whitfield

THE 2017 Quattro ROAG Series wraps up on Sunday when the Safire Baynesfield Classic gives riders and trail runners their final chance to collect points and improve series positions.

The major competitions are already decided with Stuart Marais and Natalie Bergstrom confirmed as the two Quattro ROAG Series mountain bike champions for 2017 and their bank managers can smile at the R25 000 first prizes coming their way, while Mark Mackenzie and Wendy Mills are clear winners of the trail running series.

However, there is still plenty to ride and run for in the final event with other categories still to be decided, and even Marais will be aiming to make a small bit of history if he can win the 65km race on Sunday.

Marais is currently leading on 586 points in the men’s MTB series and cannot be beaten regardless of results, however, if he wins the Howick resident could become the first rider to win the ROAG Series with a perfect score. He currently has one second place from the Sugar Rush Classic among his results, but because best six results count, he would discard that and get a perfect 600-point score if he were to win on Sunday.

Currently the ever-consistent Leeroy Emslie is second and David Low third, however fourth placed Brennan Anderson can still mathematically claim third with a good result on Sunday.

In the women, Bergstrom has the title wrapped up for 2017 with Christie-Leigh Hearder safe in second. Third is still up for grabs with Nadine Nunes in pole position there, but Belinda Mason and even fifth-placed Tarryn Morgan could unseat her with good results on Sunday.

The trail running logs show Mackenzie well clear in the men, but there is a tight fight for second with just two points separating David Mercer and Haydn Bam, and presuming both run in the final event, pretty much the runner who wins their personal battle will take second spot on the series.

In the women’s trail running log, Mills and Alison Wasserfall are secure in the top two positions and Karen Maiden just needs a finish to probably claim third.

In the various age-groups the standout performers are Sam Moore in the youth, Bergstrom in the women’s vets and Frances Marsburg in the grand masters, who all have a perfect score of 600 points in their respective age categories, while former Sharks centre Jeremy Thomson is among a few riders who could achieve the same, if he wins the masters category.

Baynesfield offers riders the option of a 65km, 47km, 20km or 10km mountain bike ride while runners have a 10km and 5km to choose from.

Latest Quattro ROAG Series standings (after eight of nine events)
1. Stuart Marais 586
2. Leeroy Emslie 448
3. David Low 375
4. Brennan Anderson 343
5. Jedson Tooms 311
6. Carl Calverley 260
7. Hendrik Bester 258
7. Nathan Treble 258
9. Carl Adendorff 230
10. Jordan Wisdom 218

MTB Women
1. Natalie Bergstrom 546
2. Christie-Leigh Hearder 492
3. Nadine Nunes 323
4. Belinda Mason 302
5. Tarryn Morgan 283

Trail Run Men
1. Mark Mackenzie 485
2. David Mercer 277
3. Haydn Bam 275

Trail Run Women
1. Wendy Mills 584
2. Alison Wasserfall 340
3. Karen Maiden 201