What is the ROAG Series all about?

Always looking for new and exciting ways to develop and encourage sport in KwaZulu-Natal, ROAG started looking at ways in which to encourage riders of all ages to participate in more mountain biking events across the province, especially after the original Super Classic Series fell away. And hence, the conception of the ROAG Series, which has successfully focused on encouraging young and up-and-coming riders, offering a platform for social riders to challenge their friends, and encouraging elite riders to take part in local events was developed. The top three male and female mountain bikers overall and in each age-group are rewarded at the end-of-year prizegiving. In 2018 the top male and female rider overall earned R25 000.


In 2019 the increasingly popular trail running series will once again be run in conjunction with the MTB series and adopts a similar concept and structure to the MTB series. Prize money will be awarded to the top three male and female trail runners in each age-group as well as to the overall winners at the Awards Dinner Prize Giving at the end of the year. R5 000 in prize money was awarded to the overall male and female winners in the series in 2018.


Due to the success of the inaugural ROAG Series in 2012, Quattro came on board as Major Sponsors of the Series. Quattro, who specialise in insurance and financial planning, continued their support of the Series in 2018 due largely to the excellent feedback from riders; the quality of the races which make up the Series as well as the affiliation with the mountain biking community. The ROAG Series now boasts participation numbers of 12 500/year.

The overall male & female winners in 2018 were:

MTB Series
Overall Male Winner: Julian Jessop
Overall Female Winner: Andrea De boer/Christie-Leigh Hearder

Trail Running Series
Overall Male Winner: Nomore Mandivengerei
Overall Female Winner: Sarah Gray


How Do I Take Part in The Series?

Taking part in the ROAG Series is simple and straightforward – merely participate in six of the nine races that form part of the Series in 2019! It is FREE to take part in the ROAG Series; however participants will be required to ride/run the correct distance (according to their age group), to pay the race entry fees for each race, and for MTB riders they will also need to pay for the necessary CSA Membership fees. ROAG administers a comprehensive log which updates your results after each race so that you can keep tabs on your performance!

Please note that there will be a minimum of two trail running distances at all events, a short course (below 10kms) and a long course (over 10kms). U18s are awarded points for competing in the short course and over 18s need to compete in the long course in order to receive points.

The races that will form part of the 2019 Quattro ROAG Series will be confirmed shortly:

2019 MTB Series

Event Nippers
10 & Under
11 – 12
13 – 14
15 – 16
17 – 18
19 – 29
30 – 39
40 – 49
50 – 59

Grand Masters
60 +


2019 Trail Series

Event U/13
13 & Under
14 – 18
Overall Short
18 & Under
19 – 39
40 – 49
50 – 59
Grand Masters
60 +
Overall Long
19 +

Points are awarded using a ROAG Grand Prix Points System. Riders must take part in the correct distance for each age category to earn points toward the final log positions and Overall prize money is only eligible for full distance events. Please see below for the ROAG Grand Prix Points System:

Position Points Position Points
1st 100 26th 25
2nd 86 27th 24
3rd 74 28th 23
4th 64 29th 22
5th 56 30th 21
6th 51 31st 20
7th 47 32nd 19
8th 44 33rd 18
9th 42 34th 17
10th 41 35th 16
11th 40 36th 15
12th 39 37th 14
13th 38 38th 13
14th 37 39th 12
15th 36 40th 11
16th 35 41st 10
17th 34 42nd 9
18th 33 43rd 8
19th 32 44th 7
20th 31 45th 6
21st 30 46th 5
22nd 29 47th 4
23rd 28 48th 3
24th 27 49th 2
25th 26 50th 1

That is all from us – happy racing and we look forward to seeing you at the Awards Dinner at the end of the year!