MTB Series



Always looking for new and exciting ways to develop and encourage sport in KwaZulu-Natal, ROAG started looking at ways in which to encourage riders of all ages to participate in more mountain biking events across the province, especially after the original Super Classic Series fell away. And hence, the conception of the ROAG Series, which has successfully focused on encouraging young and up-and-coming riders, offering a platform for social riders to challenge their friends, and encouraging elite riders to take part in local events was developed.

Prizes & Prize Money:

The top three male and female mountain bikers overall and in each age-group are awarded at the end of the series.

A cash prize of R25 000 will be awarded to the overall male & female winners of the Quattro ROAG Series Powered by Momentum in the MTB Series.

The prizes & prize money will be awarded at the end of the series at the Quattro ROAG Series Awards Dinner. Winners need to be present at the Awards Dinner to receive their prizes otherwise the prizes/prize money will be forfeited.



You will need to take part in 6 out of the 10 events below in order to qualify and enter the correct distance according to your age group.


Event Date Venue
Illovo Wartburg MTB & Trail Run 15 February 2020 Wartburg Kirchdorf School
Kamberg Classic 14-15 March 2020 Glengarry, Kamberg
Holla Trails Classic (POSTPONED – TBC) Fairview Estate, Ballito
Husqvarna Mid Illovo Classic (POSTPONED – TBC) Gwahumbe Game & Spa
Harburg Tour de Krantz (POSTPONED – TBC) Harburg Hall
Sappi Scottburgh 29-30 August 2020 Scottburgh Main Beach
Safire Baynesfield MTB & Trail 13 September 2020 Baynesfield Recreational Club
Sappi Karkloof Classic Trail Festival 10-11 October 2020 Karkloof Country Club
Illovo Eston MTB Challenge 25 October 2020 Beaumont Eston Farmers Club
Gooderson Drakensberg Gardens Challenge 14-15 November 2020 Gooderson Drakensberg Gardens Golf and Spa Resort

Please see the correct distance for your age category below:

Event Nippers
10 & Under
11 – 12
13 – 14
15 – 16
17 – 18
19 – 29
30 – 39
40 – 49
50 – 59

Grand Masters
60 +

Illovo Wartburg Classic 25km 25km 25km 45km 45km 62km 62km 62km 62km 62km 62km
Kamberg Classic 24.5km 24.5km 24.5km 45km 45km 65km 65km 65km 65km 65km 65km
Holla Trails Classic 19km 19km 19km 45km 40km 45km 45km 45km 45km 45km 45km
Husqvarna Classic 18km 18km 18km 40km 45km 60km 60km 60km 60km 60km 60km
Sappi Karkloof Classic 20km 20km 20km 40km 40km 60km 60km 60km 60km 60km 60km
Gooderson Drak Gardens 20km 20km 20km 40km 40km 40km 40km 40km 40km 40km 40km
Sappi Scottburgh 28km 28km 28km 45km 45km 45km 45km 45km 45km 45km 45km
Illovo Eston 18km 18km 18km 40km 40km 60km 60km 60km 60km 60km 60km
Tour de Krantz 25km 25km 25km 45km 45km 45km 45km 45km 45km 45km 45km
Safire Baynesfield 20km 20km 20km 45km 45km 65km 65km 65km 65km 65km 65km

MTB Series Rules

  • Riders are required to take part and finish in at least six out of the ten events and obtain points in the series to be in contention for any prizes.
  • Riders must take part in the correct distance for each age category to earn points toward the final log positions.
  • Overall points are calculated for male and female riders separately (in other words the top 50 males and top 50 females are awarded points at each race).
  • Only your top six results will count towards your overall points.However, in the event of a tie at the end of the series, the seventh-best result will be used as a tiebreaker; if results are still equal, then an eighth will be included; until the tie is broken.
  • Prize Winners need to be present at the ROAG Series Awards Dinner in order for them to be awarded their prize/s and/prize money.
  • Please note that the Youths and Juniors are only required to take part in the 40km – 45km (classic) distances, and are no longer required to take part in the marathon (60km +) distances. Please be aware of this when entering for your race – as you will not be awarded points in the Youth and Junior categories if you take part in in the 60km event.


  • A Grand Prix Points System will decide the category winners with the top 50 riders overall and in each age category being awarded points. At the end of the series, the riders/runners with the most points from their best six results overall and in each age category will be used to decide finishing positions in each of the respective categories.
  • The overall MTB prize is only for riders doing the full distance events (thus nippers, sprogs and sub juniors are not eligible for the overall prize) and is calculated separately to the age category prizes. In other words a sub vet can win overall and also be eligible for sub vets category prizes (although he will earn different points according to where he finishes overall and in the sub vets category). Youth and juniors are eligible for the overall prize only if they complete six events, but they may not take part in the full distance (marathon [60km +] distances) event. Therefore they will not eligible to earn overall points for these races.
  • Should any dispute occur, a committee of three people appointed by ROAG will arbitrate and their decision will be final and binding.
  • Should a series race be cancelled for any reason whatsoever the decision to replace the event in the series with another, and how the points calculations will be amended, is solely at the discretion of ROAG who will inform riders via e-mail of their decision.
  • If a child (nipper, sprog or sub junior) would like to be on the podium for any MTB ROAG Series Races then parents are not allowed to ride alongside their child during the race. The parent/s must ride at least 20 meters behind the child and only assist them in cases of emergency.
  • ROAG will administer the series and their decisions are final and binding. By taking part in the series all riders agree to be bound by the rules as decided by ROAG.
  • All MTB participants must adhere to the rules of CSA and KZN MTB. Any participant found guilty of disregarding these rules will be disqualified from the race and will not be awarded points for the race in question.

Please see the below link to the rules page of the Quattro ROAG Series Powered by Momentum for the full comprehensive list of all the rules pertaining to the series.